How To Use A Finger Splint?

How To Use A Finger Splint?

05/28/2018 Off By John Hill


Before knowing how to use the finger spilt, it is must to know what finger splint is. A finger splint is a medical device which includes moldable, padded, flat aluminum stick. These features are given so that one can easily bend the finger. Finger splints are used to treat different injuries which include arthritis, jammed finger, sprain and fracture. You can avail it in different shape and size.

What Is Objective Of Finger Splint?

The primary objective which is concerned with this finger brace is to provide you knowledge related to:

  • It is the excellent alternative which is suitable for the medical device.
  • Works as first aid as common health item.
  • Encourage the DIY franchise.

Requirements Fulfilled By Finger Splint

  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Quick

How To Make Finger Splint?

Step 1: material

There are some of the materials required when thinking to make the finger splint. The primary materials used are:

  • Cotton, gauze, and padding which will secure you from the blister.
  • Gift card.

Step 2: pieces of tape

pieces of tapeYou have to cut two pieces of tape. It will help to warps the finger correctly. You have to splint a finger at least for 11/2 times. In the end, just get in touch with the doctor to attain proper treatment.

Step 3: Mold the Card To Wrap It Around The Finger

It is next step which one has to do with using the finger split to eradicate the pain which is faced by an individual. You can have to roll the card around your finger which will cover the part of the injury.

Step 4: Use Padding

You can also put the cotton gauze between your fingers and split. With the gauze, you will feel comfortable.

Step 5: Splint

Now use the splint which will provide you soft touch around the finger.

Step 6: Tape

You should look that tape should not be too tight as your finger can experience numbness. If feeling any unpleasant sensation then you should wrap tape around your finger.

Step 7: Summary and Observation


  • You can use it on any finger.
  • It is temporary splint.
  • You can use any of the gift cards.
  • Padding is must use.


When going for the pinch then it will work well. You can use it accordingly when you are feeling relief then you can remove the splint.