How To Make A Massage Table?

How To Make A Massage Table?

04/06/2018 Off By John Hill

Although if a person wants to enjoy a good massage, then they don’t require portable massage table you have to experience comfortable massage session then you can probably go for it. Through homemade massage table, you and masseuse can quickly go for therapy. Te paddling which is done by the table will help you to provide flexible support for the individual. The height of the table should be equal to the height of the masseuse without facing any problem.

If you are buying the portable and strong massage table then it can be an expensive affair for you. If you are making your massage table, then it is a better option for you. You have to follow simple steps which will help you to make good quality of massage table.

Instructions For Making Massage Table

We are going to provide you with a list of simple steps which will help you to create you homemade massage table in affordable pricing.

Step 1

You have to choose the sturdy and good quality of wooden plank on which one can lay down without facing irritation. This wood plank should be of the high quality which should not irritate your skin. You should get the plank according to your height so that you can be comfortable with it.

Step 2

Now, if the size of the plank is big or small, you can cut it down according to your need. You can even ask for the professional help to cut down the piece of plywood according to the height of the person.

Step 3

You have to select the wood for your table’s leg now. The wood should be firm and sturdy on which one can lay down properly. You can go for healthy and hard-grained like the oak. You have to cut the length according to the suitability and requirement carefully.

Step 4

You should now upholster the table top and use the table top as a guide and cut the padding accordingly. You can adhere the padding with the help of spray foam.

Step 5

You have to assemble all the components of the table top, braces, and leg. After accumulating them, you should go to the direction manual and use hinges to join all the parts.


After, you are done with all these things; you can get the DIY massage table. These are simple steps which will provide you massage table on which you can enjoy comfortable massage therapy.